A dominant company can be liable for its distributors’ conduct and Intel case-law applies to exclusive dealing, according to ECJ’s judgement in C-680/20 Unilever

Last month the European Court of Justice rendered its judgement in case C‑680/20 (Unilever) extending the scope of dominant companies’ liability for anti-competitive conduct of their distributors and providing useful insight as to the applicability of the Intel case to exclusive dealing. The Italian competition authority found that Unilever had abused its dominant position on the […]

Bulgaria Inflation Forecasts 2023

In 2023, inflation and Fed/ECB and national bank base interest rates will play a major role in the deal-making. The national bank has recently published its 2023 forecast. It is expected the annual inflation to slow down to 4.2% at the year end subject to falling food and petrol prices. The average annual inflation will […]

Insight from the Bulgarian Competition Protection Commission in one of its latest antitrust cases Nikon/PRG/Profiled

On 29 September 2022 the Bulgarian Competition Protection Commission (CPC) adopted a commitments decision in proceedings involving an alleged violation of Art. 15 of the Bulgarian Competition Protection Act and Art. 101 of the TFEU by Nikon Europe B.V. and its Bulgarian authorized distributor. The decision provides rare insight on how the CPC approaches selective […]

Law Firm Platforms

We are determined to learn from the market leaders and the most innovative firms in our industry. One new development stands out. The law firm as a platform. By analogy to IT/tech sector, independent lawyers / experts in specific areas of law can access the platform and build/integrate their own services. In practice we’ve seen […]

Pavel Hristov Interview for CEE Legal Matters

Our partner Pavel Hristov’s interview for the regional legal news publication CEE Legal Matters topped their monthly ranking of the top 10 most read interviews with over 16,000 views! “In this challenging and rapidly changing environment, our firm’s focus and specialization in corporate matters and M&A transactions has paid off and helped us ride the […]

The next most valuable asset in M&A

You will hardly be surprised: people. High-growth companies will be challenged to justify record high valuations based on revenue growth only, they must firmly stand on the path of sustainable profitability. Hence, people (founders, executives, top and mid-level management and key employees), with their often unique skillsets, expertise, experience and reputation, will be instrumental to […]