Happy Holidays to all young, curious and ambitious (would be-)colleagues, who have recently started or are about to start their journey in our ​distinctive profession!

Next year, in 2021, starting in mid-January, our managing partner Pavel Hristov will give each 2 (1+1) hours of his time to 10 of those (would be-)lawyers. In a video or teleconference ​call ​you may ask him any questions about our trade, his professional path, law firms and clients. Any question indeed, but you will certainly benefit the most of an hour​-long​ conversation (x2), if you have prepared a set of questions and topics that would help you personally to get the most of a talk with someone who has walked with some success on that path for almost two decades. Anyone interested, please email us a request for a meeting, including 3-4 sentences of what’s important to know about you before we talk. Or get in touch on our LinkedIn or Facebook company pages and we will make arrangements. ​This is about ideas and designing a plan for how you can achieve more in your career in these difficult times. ​

Happy New Year All! Pavel