Here are four important aspects of Bulgarian merger control that an investor may want to consider before proceeding with a contemplated acquisition of businesses or assets in our country:

  • Merger filings are mandatory, if the specified annual turnover thresholds are exceeded. Only turnover generated in the territory of Bulgaria is relevant. Generally the party acquiring control (i.e. purchaser, subscriber/new shareholder acquiring sole control) is responsible for filing and would be liable for a failure to notify.
  • If a transaction falls within the exclusive jurisdiction of the European Commission, no separate merger filing will be required in Bulgaria.
  • Suspensory effect. If a transaction is caught by Bulgarian merger control rules, the parties may not implement or close the transaction before a merger clearance (unconditional) is obtained (respectively, if the clearance is subject to conditions – before these conditions are fulfilled).
  • Clearance fees, paid to the national competition authority to assess the case, may be substantial: up to EUR 30,700.
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