The national competition authority (CPC) has just published its annual activity report for the preceding 2016 year.

In Bulgaria, CPC has controlling and enforcement powers in three major areas: antitrust and competition, public procurement procedures appeals and appeals relating to concession procedures. Here is some of the published statistical data in the area of competition and antitrust, where its main competences lie:

Sector inquiries

3 sector inquiries opened in (i) retail pharmaceuticals, (ii) production and retail automobile fuel/gasoline and diesel and (iii) insurance sector

Anti-competitive agreements and practices

  • 15 cases opened (compared with 4 in total in 2015) of which 12 opened on CPC’s own initiative (3 cases in 2015)
  • 3 decisions (same total number as in 2015) and 4 statements of objections (one in 2015)
  • 12 on-site inspections and dawn raids (none in 2015) (but all 12 in relation to only 2 of the total 15 cases opened in 2016)

Alleged abuse of dominance

  • 14 cases (11 in 2015) of which 3 opened on CPC’s own initiative
  • 17 decisions (19 in 2015) and 7 statements of objections (8 in 2015)

Merger control

  • 41 merger cases in total (33 in 2015)
  • 37 decisions (36 in 2015) of which:
    • 25 clearance decisions
    • 6 decision that the notified transaction did not constitute a concentration
    • 5 decision that the notified transaction was not subject to mandatory notification (as turnover thresholds have not been exceeded)
    • one decision to open an in-depth, 2nd stage investigation