The national special law regulating the requirements for and the exercise of the legal advocacy profession, the Advocacy Act of 2004, was amended with effect as from 2 March 2021 (see State Gazette, Issue No. 17 of 26 February 2021).

As per the amendments:

A single Bulgarian attorney-at-law (advocate) admitted to the Bar or an attorney-at-law admitted in another EU Member State and permanently residing in Bulgaria can form a single-member advocacy company (law firm). Such law firm is to be terminated automatically after the death of the advocate, unless her heir/successor is an eligible advocate. There are no other differences between a single-member and multimember law companies set out in the law.

Attorneys-at-law (advocates) can now be appointed and elected as managing directors and executive directors of companies. The long-standing statutory prohibition has been repealed. Currently advocates are still not permitted to register as sole traders (sole proprietors), or be employed as state (public) servants, or as employees under an employment contract.